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Elder brother killed by step brother's knife in Jamalpur, arrest-3

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  • 26 September, 2022 19:44:05

Photo: CNI

Md. Imran Mahmud, Jamalpur: In Jamalpur, elder brother was killed by step brother's knife. This incident took place in Dewanipara village of Kendua in Jamalpur Sadar at around 9:30 am on Monday. Deceased Rafiq Islam Kalu is the son of deceased Azad Sheikh of Dewani Para village. RAB 14 squad commander MM Sabuj Rana said - this morning they were supposed to share their property. During a dispute over the division of property, step brother Manzil Sheikh hit elder brother Rafiq Islam Kalu with a knife. Kalu died on the spot. Soon after the incident, Manzil Sheikh, mother Manjuara Begum and the victim's sister Maina Begum were arrested by the local crowd. Later RAB came and arrested them. RAB 14 squadron leader MM Sabuj Rana also said that more comprehensive information will come out in their interrogation. After interrogation, the arrested 3 people will be sent to Jamalpur Sadar Police Station.

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