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Zuckerberg said the benefits of Facebook

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  • 16 September, 2022 10:33:36

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News desk: Mark Zuckerberg himself knows that we waste time unnecessarily on social media. He himself is connected to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. most of the day. But his time is not wasted, but useful. He recently talked about this in a podcast. He also gave some tips to get the benefits of social media: 1. Facebook or Instagram cannot be turned into a bad habit. Instead of scrolling all day, focus on communication and relationship building. 2. Social media should be used with a purpose. Mark never uses it without purpose. 3. Using technology as a means of communication does not lead to any addictions. 4. By scrolling and looking at the content, a bite of the total benefit is available. So the main focus should not be there. 5. Just scrolling increases user frustration and anxiety. So the use of social media should be constructive and logical. Zuckerberg said he doesn't look down on just sitting down and watching content. But the benefits of engaging with the content by creating a relationship with it, you don't get by just scrolling through the content.

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