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Do not forget to see the WhatsApp message

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  • 14 September, 2022 15:52:58

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News Desk: It is difficult to find people who do not use WhatsApp. But some are using the app to spread some fake messages. If you believe that you can fall into danger. Let's find out, don't forget that WhatsApp message-

Message asking for OTP

Sometimes WhatsApp users also get messages asking for the OTP sent to their number. The message reads, 'Sorry I sent an important message with OTP to your number by mistake. Can you tell me this OTP?’ It is clear that fraudsters do not send any OTP by mistake. With the help of OTP they can access the user account and try to login.

Received the award

One of the age-old tricks of fraudsters is luring users into traps. Such messages can also be received on WhatsApp. Users are asked to click on the link provided with the message to get the value of this reward. After clicking there a form comes up. It asks you to fill various information about yourself. Then some money is demanded for processing. Trust them once you give money, more money is demanded. This is how cheating works. As a result, if you see any reward message, avoid it.

job search

Many fake companies now promise jobs by sending messages on WhatsApp. In this message you are asked to click on a link with the lure of a good salary. There is a form asking for information about yourself or to call a number. Then the pretext of taking money started. So avoid seeing these job messages.

Ask to see a video or picture

Fraudsters on WhatsApp send messages with links, asking to be clicked. It is written there, do you see in this video? Or 'is this your picture? If users click on the link provided with this message, the device can be hacked.

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