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The new alliance of four countries

  • Information Technology
  • 10 September, 2022 01:40:36

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News Desk: The United States is going to form a new alliance to beat China in the global chip market. According to Al-Jazeera, the chip four alliance will include the United States, leading countries in the production of technology products, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Last week, the two major US chip makers, Nvidia and AMD, were instructed by the Biden administration not to send any AI chips to China. In addition, the country has announced an incentive package of 5.2 billion dollars for all companies producing chips on the soil of the United States. Chris Miller, a chip market expert, said that there are so many arrangements to keep the semiconductor industry in the hands of the United States only. Besides, the country is trying hard to prevent China from making advanced technology chips. According to him, this industry will control the future world economy, technology world and military sector. Therefore, whoever has more possession in this sector, he will be more powerful. Taiwan supplies 90 percent of the advanced chips. As a result, China, like other countries, has to rely on Taiwan for the best technology chips. Recent Sino-Taiwan tensions have led to steps to strengthen the industry in China itself. But the United States does not want to let this happen.

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