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Bashemurbiprobi administration on the side of poor students

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  • 06 September, 2022 10:15:09

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Mejba Rahman, Bashemurbi Prabi Representative:

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (Bashemurbiprobi) administration of Gopalganj has given financial assistance to poor talented students.

It is known that several students from different departments of the university have been brought under this scholarship under the student counseling and guidance department of the university.

According to a circular of the Student Counseling and Guidance Department, about 5 to 6 students of each department will be given financial assistance. Also, various departments have brought several students under this scholarship from their own funds.

Earlier, students of various departments filled the scholarship application form under the supervision of the university's Student Counseling and Guidance Office issued on August 4.

In this regard, Dr. Mohammad Kamal Hossain, president of the statistics department of the university, said, "This year, we have financially supported 20 students of different years. This scholarship can be applied for twice every year.

Md. Ashikuzzaman Bhuiyan, president of the English department said, 6 students from our department will be given financial support under the university's student welfare department this year and 11 more students have been given this scholarship from the department's own funds.

The Director of Student Counseling and Guidance Department of the University, Dr. Md. Sharafat Ali, said that in order to reduce the pressure on the semester fee of the meritorious and poor students of the University and to encourage them to study, Bashemurbiprobi administration has decided to bring the students under this scholarship twice a year.

It should be noted that Bashemurbiprabi is the current vice-chancellor. Under the supervision of AQM Mahabub, the student counseling and guidance department of the university provides financial support for education and medical services to meritorious and poor students.

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