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Standing program in DU on freedom of dress

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  • 02 September, 2022 16:58:57

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News Desk: Welcoming diversity in clothing, a group of students have held a 'Wear as you like' stand program at Dhaka University (DU). 'Diversity is common, diversity is Bangladesh'; They are seen holding placards like 'Who gave power to material clothes?', 'Why was Tanu raped?' On Thursday (September 1), the Student-Teacher Center (TSC) held a sit-in program called 'Wear As You Like' at the foot of the Raju sculpture of the adjoining university. At that time, a student of the law department who was on hunger strike said, "A few days ago, some students of Dhaka University misquoted the words of the High Court and gave a presentation as if the High Court had given a rule about clothing. But there was no talk about such things except general discussion. It is natural that domestic values ​​will change over time. The practice of wearing a saree without a blouse represents the original culture of Bangladesh. Our culture is changing. This is what we want to live up to and exercise our rights without interfering with the rights of others.” Another student of the Department of Sociology said, "We say that diversity is common, but in this case it is not necessary that someone likes or dislikes this common. Common is common. We can't respect the beauty of others, we shouldn't attack them, we shouldn't insult them. We have called to come in burqa, come in Punjabi, come in hijab. That is, wear what makes you feel comfortable. This is the diversity of my country, this is our country's culture." It should be noted that on May 18, a woman was abused and beaten up at Narsingdi railway station because of her clothes. After the video of this incident was spread on social media, Narsingdi railway police filed a case with Bhairab Railway Police Station. Marzia Akhtar alias Sheela, one of the accused in the case of harassment and beating of the girl, was arrested by the police on May 30. The High Court spoke about this while hearing Sheela's bail plea. On August 25, some students of Dhaka University, under the banner of general students, greeted and applauded that comment. After this, various universities including North South, Jagannath University, Kushtia Islami University applauded the comments of the High Court and formed human chains.

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