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Audio recording of black hole goes viral on social media

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  • 25 August, 2022 23:56:15

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News desk: American space research agency NASA has published an audio clip on social media Twitter. This audio recording, titled Black Hole Remix, was originally collected from a black hole in a galaxy several billion light-years away. This audio clip of cosmic sound has spread on various social media including Facebook, Instagram. Many are sharing their feelings after hearing this mysterious word. Netizens are expressing various thoughts about their smallness in the midst of this vastness of the universe. The Perseus galaxy came to NASA's attention about 20 years ago. They were then able to detect sound waves around Perseus' supermassive black hole. In May, the company recorded new audio from there and posted it on Twitter. NASA released this audio under the title 'What we hear in space'. But many have also questioned how they could hear sound in a vacuum or hollow space. According to ABC News, sound waves cannot travel through most vacuums. But when many galaxies come together to form 'galaxy clusters', a lot of gas is released. All galaxies are covered by this gas. Sound waves use it as a medium to travel. According to NASA, the Chandra X-ray Observatory space telescope collected sound waves from the Perseus galaxy cluster. These are then made audible to humans through the process of sonification.

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