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TikTok stories can be seen on Facebook-Instagram

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  • 21 August, 2022 11:23:18

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News desk: Social media TikTok is the most popular among young people, but many do not use any account other than Facebook or Instagram. As a result, many popular videos or content on TikTok go unnoticed by Facebook users. Now TikTok has brought a new feature to solve that problem. The Chinese video sharing platform has announced that it will allow users to share TikTok videos simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram. But not all TikTok videos, only videos in stories can be shown on Facebook and Instagram. Videos in TikTok stories are only 15 seconds long. And after 24 hours they are automatically deleted. But this feature of expressing the language of the mind in a short period of time is popular among all age groups. And so the story sharing feature on Facebook and Instagram will make TikTok more attractive. Anyone can repost old TikTok stories there.

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