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Raihan Rafi's 'Damal' will release on October 28

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  • 14 August, 2022 09:37:29

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Entertainment Desk: Raihan Rafi's movie 'Paran' released on Eid. The movie has been a hit in the theaters since its release. The movie is still going full house. Meanwhile, the release of the director's movie 'Damal' was announced. The movie will hit theaters from October 28. Director Raihan Rafi himself confirmed the matter.

He said 'Damal' will hit theaters on October 28, Inshallah. I hope 'Paran' will continue till October. 'Damaal' is like a dream project for me. For me, 'Poraman 2' has surpassed 'Dahan'. Dahan has surpassed 'Parana'. I hope 'Damaal' will surpass all my films.

He further said, 'This is a dream project of mine. My first work on liberation war. I think this was not done before with the liberation war. This film will be a bigger surprise than 'Paran'.

The story of 'Damal' is about the story of independent Bengali football team. He spent the money earned by playing football for the liberation war. Which is part of history, unknown to many. Those unknown issues will come up in 'Damaal'.

The movie is written by Raihan Rafi and Nazim Ud Daula from a story by children writer and managing director of Impress Telefilm Faridur Reza Sagar. Produced by Impress Telefilm, 'Damal' stars Vidya Sinha Mim, Siam Ahmed, Shariful Raj, Sumit, Rashed Apu, Saeed Babu, Shahnaz Sumi, Brishti, Athai, Pooja and others.

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