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Chat screenshots cannot be taken on WhatsApp

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  • 14 August, 2022 09:34:42

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News desk: WhatsApp is being strict for the sake of user security. The site has millions of users. The world's favorite messaging app is bringing updates one after another. The site has recently announced new features to improve users' WhatsApp experience and enhance security.

WhatsApp could take screenshots of anyone's chats at will. In the future it will no longer be possible. Taking screenshots of chats can be stopped through the feature called 'Screenshot blocking for view of our messages'. Messages that have 'View Ons' selected will no longer be able to take screenshots. As a result, users can chat more securely.


Also, WhatsApp has brought various features including deleting WhatsApp messages, hiding numbers. which improve the user experience of using WhatsApp. Earlier messaging apps like Telegram had such a security feature.

However, the feature is still in testing phase. But very soon the 'screenshot blocking for view our messages' feature will come for all users. Which will make user chatting more secure.

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