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The new dark theme is coming to Google Chrome

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  • 14 August, 2022 09:34:10

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News Desk: Google Chrome OS 104 is bringing new updates for users this week. According to a report by NineTwoFive Google, the new update is a kind of dark theme. Which can automatically change the mood.

So far, Google developers have experimented with the theme. After all the work is done successfully, it is officially updated on all Google devices.

Google said in its blog post about the upcoming feature that the new dark theme will automatically benefit users by coordinating with light. The UI and wallpaper of the new theme are designed in such a way that low light can provide low light service by conserving power especially at night. It can also adjust the brightness of the screen even in high light.

Chrome OS 104 also includes an 'Auto' setting. If you keep it selected, you won't have to change the theme again and again. The theme can change its mood according to the variation of night and day light.

How to avail this facility-

- First go to Chrome's seating option.

- After that click on Personalization option.

- Select wallpaper and style from there.

- Then select Light, Dark or Auto mode.

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