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Every person in the country is able to eat, has clothes: Tajul Islam

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  • 11 August, 2022 00:40:44

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News desk: Every person in the country can eat, people have clothes. We do not think that we are in a very bad situation - said Local Government Minister Tajul Islam.

He said that almost all the roads in the village have been paved. Primary schools have been established in every village, houses are being provided if there are no houses. I don't think we're in too bad shape. We have to get out of misconceptions.

He said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the dialogue organized at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Wednesday (August 10) at noon. Urban Development Journalists Forum organized a dialogue on 'Rise in prices of daily commodities and fuel: Challenges in public life'.

The local government minister said that many shopping malls in Germany do not have goods. No one can predict where the world will go. Many people, including the Asian Development Bank, want to finance us here, if the country's condition is so bad, they don't mind giving me money. The World Bank is coming around, discussing various projects. There is no reason to fear, I can't say anything in advance.

Regarding fixing the price of water in different areas, the minister said that the price of water will be 50 taka in Gulshan and 12 taka in slums. I will take lower prices in poor areas. Why will the state give subsidies for those who are big! There will be some crisis, we can deal with it together.

Tajul Islam said, Ukraine-Russia war has started, Bangladesh definitely has no hand in it. Due to this war, the whole world is now in turmoil. Everyone is panicking about everything, including the economy, social conditions and consumer goods. Now China's hot situation with Taiwan is seen. But the impact will be worldwide.

He said that when adversity comes, everyone comes together to stand by people in adversity or try to face the situation together. Everyone participated in the war of independence by responding to the call of the father of the nation. If 90 percent of our people are united, we will win. The situation has to be dealt with as it comes. If the situation is for me, you must tell me, in which case you must correct yourself. But if it is for any other reason, global reason - everyone has to work in unison there.

Tajul Islam also said that the United Kingdom, Europe and many countries of the European Union were dependent on Russia for fuel including gas. Venezuela is the first producer of fuel, followed by Russia and Saudi Arabia in the third position. Russia sells more fuel because of its resources and all of Europe now runs (fuels) Russia. Due to sanctions on Venezuela, their oil is not entering the market. There are 17 crore people in Bangladesh, how many countries have so many people. We have enough gas reserves. What is reserve? Reserves are run when the current account falls short. Reserve has never been so much before.

Referring to Sri Lanka, the minister said, what Sri Lanka has done and what we are doing. They only developed tourism. We improved our agriculture. 75 percent of them have shortages in agriculture. But we have enough production. We have some shortage of wheat, but no shortage of rice. The government is giving a lot of subsidies. Is there any country in the world where people do not pay their debts? Where does government money come from? You and I earn money, the government only manages. By subsidizing words, other sectors will lose discipline. The government analyzes where the subsidy should be given and then gives it. Corruption exists all over the world, but the extent of it in our country is a pain for us.

Amitosh Pal, president of Urban Development Journalists Forum, presided over the dialogue. General Secretary of the organization, Sohel Mamun, in it, Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) president Golam Rahman, Dhaka University (DU) economics department professor Dr. Rumana Haque, Professor Riazul Haque, Development Studies Department of DU, etc. spoke.

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