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Now the facility of listening to music on Facebook-Instagram has been launched in Bangladesh

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  • 04 August, 2022 11:21:49

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News Desk: The much awaited Facebook and Instagram music feature is now open for Bangladeshi users. No update will be required to use this new feature. The feature will be available within the app as part of regular Facebook Instagram usage.

Instagram first launched the music feature in the US in 2018. Since then, Bangladeshi users have been demanding music features in the region. Instagram has recently fulfilled that long-standing demand.

In the same way, it is possible to add favorite music to the Facebook profile. This music can be heard right above your bio on your Facebook profile. You can set any favorite song in profile there. Even if you want, music will be added to the story itself.

How to use Instagram

- The app must be launched to share Instagram stories. Then swipe right.

- After taking the photo, select the sticker icon at the top right of the screen. Using this button you can also use your location, sticker, pool or quiz options.

- Then click on the sticker icon tab and select the 'Music' icon. You can select your favorite song there.

- Then when someone starts watching your story, he can listen to your favorite song.

How to add to Facebook profile

- Open Facebook app from Android or iOS.

- Then scroll down and open What's on your mind right now. Below this you will see Photographs, Avatars, Life Events tap. Swiping it to or will bring up the Music tab.

- Then select the '+' option on the top right of the Facebook Music option. Choose your favorite tune by selecting Add button.

- Then select Pin to profile option. Now you can see your favorite music next to the bio on your Facebook profile.

How to add to Facebook story

- Select the Make Story option in the Facebook app. Now select the music card.

- Search for anything and choose music.

- Select the image from gallery to use with music.

- Now choose the Offer to Story option.

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