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Celebration of Fisheries Week-2022 at Bashemurbi Prabi

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  • 28 July, 2022 10:01:09

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Mejba Rahman, Bashemurbi Prabi Representative:
National Fisheries Week-2022 was celebrated by the Department of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience (FMB) at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (Bashemurbiprobi) in Gopalganj. It was celebrated through a rally and the release of fish fry in the university in front of the slogan 'A country that relies on fish farming, Bangabandhu's Bangladesh'. is celebrated.

The rally started from the administrative building of the university at 11 am on Tuesday and went around various places of the campus.

Various slogans were given on the importance of fish farming At the end of the rally, half a thousand local and foreign fish fry were released in the university lake.

University Vice Chancellor Dr. AQM Mahbub, Dean of Agriculture Faculty Dr. Md. Mozahar Ali, Student Advisor and Chairman of FMB Department Dr. Sharafat Ali, along with teachers of the same department Shirin Akhtar, Tania Islam, Neyaz Al Hasan and Mokidul Islam Khan were present as chief guests. All the students of the department were present.

In this regard, Vice Chancellor Dr. AQM Mahbub said, celebrating fish week is a good initiative. We are Bengali with fish and rice. Fish is a good source of protein. Fisheries sector plays a major role in our country's economy. This sector also plays a significant role in our GPD. But the farmers of our country are very greedy. Catching small fry. The country's fishing industry is under threat.

Bashemurbiprobi FMB department did not get lab facility in four years why? In response to such a question, he said, the first batch of a department always has to give up something. As we did not have enough manpower and the university was closed for a long time due to various movements. Therefore, even if we want to, there is nothing to do. We can't do anything overnight. It takes time.

Dr. Sharafat Ali, chairman of FMB department and student advisor of the university, said that on the occasion of National Fisheries Week-2022, the University and Marine Bioscience Department has organized various programs today. In continuation of this, we have taken the initiative of rally and fish hatchery release program.

He also said that in 2020-21, the total fish production of the country was 46.21 lakh metric tons, which is 3.57 percent of the overall GDP. The role of the fisheries sector in ensuring the demand for quality protein in addition to strengthening the country's economy and providing gold to the people of the country is undeniable.

The fisheries sector provides 60% of animal meat, so safe and proper fish farming is essential.

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