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Now comes the opportunity to watch Netflix at a low cost

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  • 28 July, 2022 09:59:55

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News Desk: Netflix is ​​currently one of the most popular OTT platforms in the world. Netflix has 220 million subscribers worldwide. But a few days ago, bad news came for Netflix. The platform lost 2 lakh subscribers in just 100 days in the first quarter of the year. The OTT platform lost 1 million subscribers in the second quarter of the year.

However, the US-based video streaming platform and production company gave different reasons. The company blamed customers' password sharing as a major reason. Then password sharing stopped. But that didn't help either. On the contrary, the number of subscribers has decreased.

To deal with the situation, the Netflix authorities are thinking of bringing a package at a lower price. Keeping the budget conscious audience in mind, the cost of membership can be reduced. As a result, more people are expected to buy the package. The popular OTT platform may launch the new plan as early as 2023.

Even with a cheap Netflix subscription, viewers can watch the same content as before. But advertising can irritate him. Netflix content will occasionally show ads. As a result, the organization can benefit from both sides. A subscription at a low price will increase the number of subscribers. On the other hand, Netflix will benefit financially from advertising within the content.

Netflix has already discussed with the shareholders. Certain audiences are identified, who will view the content as well as advertisements. Not only that, you will also be influenced by advertisements. According to Netflix executives, whenever a new plan is considered to be launched, it tries to offer a better service than before. Advertising plans may not seem profitable at this point. But after a few years, the popularity of Netflix will increase as a result of this move. However, the company has not yet announced the price of the package.

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