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This time Microsoft is bringing social media like Facebook

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  • 28 July, 2022 09:59:22

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News desk: Social media is brought by the tech giant company Microsoft. The company announced this information on the Viva Engage platform this week.

It is reported that the new platform will work with the Microsoft Teams app. As a result, Microsoft is going to introduce Viva Engage to the world as a social networking platform.

But interestingly, the look and feel of the platform called Viva Engage is designed in such a way that it looks exactly like Facebook. Its home feed features various posts, videos and more.

Recently a photo of the new platform was published in the media. It shows that the settings option is on the right side of the home screen. Also the option to join other communities is available here.

Seeing this, experts are claiming that Microsoft is running a tried and tested approach with the social media platform. Because there are big rivals like Facebook in the market.

But Microsoft's new platform isn't the only thing that has similarities to Facebook. Similar to the Stories feature seen in Instagram and Snapchat, a similar feature can be found in Microsoft's Viva Engage.

However, even if it is a social platform, Microsoft will mainly focus on business.

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