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Sacrificial meat can also be stored in the fridge

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  • 10 July, 2022 21:34:54

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News Desk: The process of preserving meat begins after animal sacrifice. After distributing the meat among the poor and relatives, the rest has to be stored at home. At present meat is stored in the fridge. But for those who do not have a fridge or even after storing it in the fridge, the danger starts. There is no end to the worries about how this meat will stay good. Remember, the house did not have a fridge to store the sacrificial meat the day before. At that time meat was stored in different ways. Again, the meat was quite tasty to eat. So no worries, there are great ways to preserve meat in addition to the fridge. Bake the sacrificial meat in the oven at high temperature. The meat should be burnt every 6 hours. In this way it is possible to keep the meat well for several days. The sacrificial meat can also be preserved by drying in the sun. Cut the meats into medium sizes. Get rid of fat. Squeeze the excess water from the meat and add salt and turmeric. Boil the meat in deep water. When half cooked, remove the meat from the oven and strain the water well. Now the meat has to be dried. Give the meat to the sun for 7 days. When the meat is dry, store it in a container. This meat should be soaked in mild hot water before cooking. Then any term can be cooked. Cut the sacrificial meat into medium pieces and lightly chop. Soak in salt and lemon juice for an hour. Once the salt and lemon juice reach the inside of the meat, it can be stored for a few days. Meat can also be preserved by frying. Marinate the meat with ginger paste, garlic paste and onion paste. Have to do. Now deep fry the meats with spices in oil and strain the oil. Then save. In this process, the meats have to be heated to a high temperature for one day at a time. Thus the sacrificial meat will be good for several days. Cut the meat into medium size, wash and drain all the water. Put more meat in the container in which you will store the meat. Add as much salt, hot spices and bay leaves. Add a small amount of all the other spices. Increase the heat in the oven and take it with fire. When the fat is melted, dry the meat and take it down. Place the pot in a place where the heat of the stove is low. Burn this meat 2 times in the first week and at least 1 time later in the week. Make sure the meat is at least half an inch below the fat. Do not store in aluminum containers. The pot can become perforated due to the presence of salt.

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