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Information of millions of Chinese citizens is being sold online

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  • 06 July, 2022 23:35:18

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News Desk: A hacker has stolen the personal information of millions of Chinese citizens. The hackers themselves have claimed that the information is now being sold online. He has already leaked the information of seven and a half lakh Chinese citizens to the public. The names of these people, mobile phone numbers, national identity card numbers, addresses, birthdays and information about the complaints lodged with the police have been spread online. Al-Jazeera said in a message to the online hacking forum Breach Forum last week that someone using "ChinaDan" had offered to sell about 24 terabytes of information to Chinese citizens. In which they have claimed, there is information of 1 billion people and documents of a few billion cases. These will be sold at a price of 10 bitcoins, which cost about 2 million US dollars. The idea is that this information may be stolen from the popular e-commerce site Alibaba's cloud server. Shanghai Police put information on this server. However, Alibaba did not say anything about it. If confirmed by Alibaba, this will be one of the biggest hacking incidents in history. Robert Porter, co-founder of cyber security firm Internet to Point Zero, said: This includes information on face recognition as well as census information. The entire data could not be verified. There are also doubts about the information of 100 crore people. ” China has set up a massive surveillance structure of people across the country. Strong data protection laws have been enacted in recent years targeting individuals and non-government organizations as a result of increasing public awareness of information privacy. However, there is not much to be done for the individual against the surveillance of the state.

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