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Mystery of clue-less case revealed by PBI in Tangail

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  • 04 July, 2022 17:34:44

Photo: CNI

Rashed Khan, Tangail: The Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has revealed the mystery of father's murder at the hands of his son in a sensational clueless case in Mirzapur, Tangail. Tangail PBI Superintendent of Police Mohammad Siraj Amin said this at a press briefing on Monday afternoon. The two accused are Jahangir Mollah, son of Hazrat Ali, who was killed in Deobhog Dakshin Para village under Mirzapur police station in Tangail, and the arrested accused is Mohammad Ali of Lauhati village in Delduar upazila. Nazrul Islam's son Asif (18). Inspector General of Police Khandaker Ashraful Kabir and investigating officer of the case SI Mohd. The PBI team led by Farhad Hossain revealed the secret. Involved in the incident and after the incident, the fugitive accused identified the location and conducted a special operation. Nazrul Islam's son Asif (18) was arrested from his area. Asif admitted the incident during the preliminary interrogation and said that after his great uncle Hajati accused Jahangir Mollah killed his father, i.e. his grandfather, the two of them jointly disappeared the body. Jahangir Mollah and his father Hazrat Ali had been quarreling for some time over the division of property and various family matters. On the morning of 22-02-21, Asif went to the house of his grandfather Hazrat Ali. Hazrat Ali, son Jahangir and grandson Asif went fishing on the bank of the pond at 7.30 pm that day. At one stage of fishing, as planned, Jahangir beat his father Hazrat Ali to death with a wooden stick in his hand. Her niece intimidated Asif for not telling anyone about it. Then Mama and Bhagina hid the body under the water hyacinth in the water. Together they washed the blood of Hazrat Ali lying on the ground with water and mud and washed it clean. The two of them came home at around 12.30 pm. A few days later, Hazrat Ali's body was recovered from the pond, but the arrested accused Asif did not come to see his grandfather. The arrested accused Asif had been absconding since the incident. He was in hiding in different parts of the country including Narayanganj. Asif has confessed to the PBI that he was involved in the murder. The next legal action is being taken in this regard, the PBI said. The press briefing was attended by Bureau of Investigation (PBI) Tangail Superintendent of Police Mohammad Siraj Amin, Inspector of Police (Administration) Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman Ansari, Inspector of Police Khandaker Ashraful Kabir and investigating officer SI Mohammad. Farhad Hossain. Note that a case was filed with Mirzapur Police Station on 03-03-21 under Section 302/201/34 of the Penal Code. Case No. 03/21.

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