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Vishnu idol recovered in Panchagarh, detained 2

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  • 04 July, 2022 17:29:36

Photo: CNI

Salahuddin, Dinajpur: RAB-13's Dinajpur Crime Prevention Company-1 operation A Vishnu idol made of Kasti stone has been recovered. They carried out the operation in Pradhanabad (Dhakaiya Para) of Debiganj No. 6 Dandapal Union in Panchagarh district on Sunday. Assistant Director (Media) Flight Lieutenant Mahmud Bashir Ahmed said in an emailed press release that the operation was carried out on the basis of secret news of an attempt to smuggle the idol into India. Meanwhile, they arrested Anisur Sarkar, 40, and Mominul Sarkar, 35, residents of Dhakaiyapara in Pradhanabad. The value of the statue has been estimated at Tk 6 lakh. After preliminary interrogation, RAB filed a case against the two at Debiganj police station in Panchagarh.

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