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There is only one day of fuel left in Sri Lanka

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  • 04 July, 2022 09:21:01

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International Desk: All of Sri Lanka's fuel oil could run out in less than a day. The country's energy minister, Kanchana Wijesekera, has expressed such fears.

According to the AFP news agency, public transport has already been shut down in the country, which is in deep economic crisis. A few kilometers long line of vehicles has been seen in the capital to get petrol and diesel. Although most petrol pumps have no oil for the past few days.

On Sunday, the minister said the country has only 4,000 tonnes of petrol in stock. Which is less than the one-day demand of the country. "The next shipment of petrol is expected between July 22 and 23," Wijesekera told reporters in Colombo. We have contacted the alternative suppliers, but no one has been able to confirm the supply before the 22nd. ”

Last week, debt-ridden Sri Lanka announced a halt to the sale of fuel without the services needed to save petrol and diesel for the emergency. Most stores were closed on Sunday. The situation is expected to worsen if banks and offices reopen on Monday after the weekly holiday.


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