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Chande Sayedee Darshan: The accused in the sabotage case is the president of the madrasa

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  • 03 July, 2022 23:11:31

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Bogra Correspondent: Fazle Rabbi Toha, accused in multiple cases including sabotage, arson and vandalism at the police station, has been made the president of Nundah Fazil Madrasa of the Nundah Fazil Madrasa. There is a storm of controversy and criticism in Bogra about this. Many people in the upazila have raised questions about how the accused in the sabotage case in the educational institution becomes the president of the governing body! It is learned that on June 26, a document signed by the registrar of the Islamic Arabic University, Md. Rezaul Haque, nominated former district BNP secretary for religious affairs Md. Toha Ahmad alias Fazle Rabbi Toha father Md. Moyez Uddin Ahmad as the chairman of the ad hoc committee of Nundah Fazil Madrasa in Nandigram. And when this news spread around Bogra including Nandigram, there was a negative reaction in the minds of the people. Speaking to Rezaul Ashraf Jinnah, chairman of Nandigram Upazila Parishad, on his mobile phone, he said he was personally deeply saddened by the fact that a man accused of sabotage and vandalism had become the president of the governing body of the madrasa. However, he expressed his grief over the fact that there was no language for his protest. He said that the people concerned had spread rumors that Sayedee was seen on the moon without checking anything. Its failure needs to be rectified by all concerned including district and upazila Awami League. Talking to Mostafizur Rahman, acting principal of Nundah Fazil Madrasa, about the appointment of Toha as the chairman of the ad hoc committee of their madrasa, including sabotage case, he said in an annoyed voice that a person may have multiple cases but he will not be an accused until he is found guilty. Why are you journalists exaggerating so much about this thing? No further questions were answered. Meanwhile, according to various sources in Bogra district police and court, several cases including anti-terrorism law, attempted murder, vandalism and sabotage are pending against Fazle Rabbi Tohar. According to Nandigram Police Station sources, a few days after the death sentence of Sayedee, rumors of seeing Sayedee on the moon on March 3, 2013 led to vandalism, arson and blockade in Nandigram, Bogra. At that time, a group set fire to 19 government offices including the Upazila Parishad and set fire to houses. There were four cases in this incident. One of the accused in that case is Fazle Rabbi Toha. Meanwhile, on Sunday evening, when he tried to contact you on his mobile phone, his mobile phone was busy many times and at the end it was found switched off. Due to which no statement was found. Speaking on the phone with the Registrar of the Islamic Arabic University, Md. Rezaul Haque, he said that the principal of the madrasa had proposed your name as the chairman for the formation of the ad hoc committee. The principal of the madrasa can say whether the proposed person is an accused or not. However, if anyone complains to them in writing with appropriate evidence, they must take action subject to investigation. He said since the principal of the madrasa suggested the name, they did not know it initially. However, if such allegations are found against the person in the investigation, the chairman of the ad hoc committee must be changed.

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