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Rathyatra festival of Jagannath in Thakurgaon

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  • 01 July, 2022 22:44:40

Photo: CNI

Thakurgaon Correspondent: The Rath Yatra Festival of Sri Sri Jagannath was held in Thakurgaon through various arrangements. On this occasion, home yajna, rath yatra and discussion meeting was organized with the devotees in the temple premises on Friday for peace and welfare. Narayan Chandra Agarwala, President of Munsirhat ISKCON Publicity Center, Co-President of ISKCON Bangladesh and Principal of Thakurgaon Gareya ISKCON General Secretary, Shrimat Bhakti Binay Swami Kumar Roy, Educationist Professor Mantosh Kumar Dey, Municipal Mayor Anjuman Ara Begum, Sadar Upazila Chairman Adv. Arunanshu Dutta Tito, Mahila A'League President Draupadi Devi Agarwala, District Juba League General Secretary Debashish Dutta Sameer, District Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Parishad General Secretary Prabir Kumar Gupta Bua, Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Ashok Kumar Ghosh, Gareya Iskcon Temple Assistant Others. Thousands of men and women of traditional religion took part in the procession. At the end of the meeting, several colorful processions were taken out with thousands of fans. In the meanwhile, the procession left Sri Sri Gobindjiu Temple, went around the main road of the city and ended at Ashrampara Ramakrishna Temple. On the other hand, another procession ended at the Sri Sri Jagannath Temple in Govindnagar. On the occasion of Jagannath Deva Rath Yatra Festival, there will be a 7-day traditional Dharmasabha, cultural program, multimedia seminar, kirtan of verses, Vedic dance, drama, film, spiritual quiz competition for students, Aarti Kirtan and Maha Harinam Sankirtan. Later on July 7, it will end up going to the same place again through the reverse chariot. It is to be noted that according to the calendar, the chariot procession of Jagannath was held on the second day of the dry season of the month of Ashar. It is believed that every part of Jagannath's chariot is very important. Thirty-three crore gods and goddesses are sitting in three chariots. As a result, the feet of thirty-three crore gods and goddesses are touched just by touching the rope of the chariot. Also, according to popular belief, touching the rope of the chariot does not lead to rebirth. It is also thought that one can be free from all sins. If you can pull Jagannath's chariot, you will get the result of Ashwamedha Yajna. The newlyweds touch the ropes of the chariot so take the blessing of the Lord. Besides, according to the fans, nightmares do not come when the rope of this chariot is hit on the head. There is also relief from the disease.

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