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Why are there more skin infections?

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  • 01 July, 2022 14:36:08

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News Desk: Skin problems can occur in any season. May cause infection. The level of infection also increases and decreases according to the skin type. Climate change can increase the risk of infection. Bacterial infections can also be one of the causes. However, a recent study has come up with another piece of information. Whereas, people who are taller have less skin and nerve problems than those who are taller. At the end of the study, the experts said, people with higher height have more physical problems. Which is less common in people with low height. Skin infections are also more common in tall people. Even taller people are more likely to have everything from heart disease to cancer. This information has been published through various surveys. The survey was conducted among about 25,000 people. This information came up at the end of the survey. According to recent research, some problems are created in the body of tall people. From which their skin infections are more. Experts say that if there is any problem with the skin or nerves of tall people, they should consult a doctor immediately.

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