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Why are women's heads hotter than men's?

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  • 30 June, 2022 23:23:43

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News Desk: There is no end to the argument between men and women. How much research on who is ahead and who is behind. This time new research has been done on men and women. Where it has come up, women are ahead of men in terms of head heat. Generally, everyone thinks that men are more angry or have a hot head all the time. Men get a little angry. On the other hand, women are very calm. Women are less prone to sudden anger. But the picture of the results of the study is different. A team of researchers from Molecular Biology in Cambridge conducted research on the subject. Studies have shown that women have slightly higher brain temperatures than men. The study was published in the journal Brain. The study was conducted on 40 men and women aged 20-40 years. The men and women took part in the study at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh. There their brains were scanned, which led to the research. The researchers said that the temperature inside the human brain can reach a maximum of 40.9 degrees Celsius. Where women's brains are about 0.4 degrees Celsius warmer than men's. Cambridge University Group Head. John O'Neill says, "The amazing thing is that when a fever causes the body to heat up, the brain of a healthy person gets very close to it." It's really wonderful. " Not only that, brain warming also depends on age. With age, the coldness of the brain also decreases. Meanwhile, researchers claim that there may be hormonal reasons behind the brain warming of women. Their idea is that hormonal factors can cause women's brains to stay warm. In particular, it may be related to menstruation.

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