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Mim's life has become like a pangasius fish!

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  • 29 June, 2022 23:59:28

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Entertainment Desk: Vidya Sinha Saha Mim has been making a splash in the showbiz arena with her work after winning the Lux-Channel I Superstar crown in 2007. However, after a long time, his movie is being released during Eid. The name of the movie is 'Paran'. Mim is currently busy promoting the movie. Mim is always vocal through social media. This time he has used his verified Facebook page in a different way to promote the movie. Mim shared a poster on the page at midnight on Tuesday (June 26). It reads, "Life has become like a pangasius fish." Just below it is written, "There are many good people on the bus, but no one admits." The poster has been made by the heroine's fan club to promote Mim's upcoming film 'Paran'. Meanwhile, since the release of the song titled 'Cholo Niralaya' from the movie 'Paran' on Monday (June 26), the audience has been showing positive response. Netizens are increasingly interested in the song on social media. Many have praised the song. Shariful Raj and Yash Rohan are the two main characters with Mim in the movie 'Paran'. The chemistry of Mim-Raj in the song 'Cholo Niralaya' has increased the interest of the audience to watch the film directed by Raihan Rafi.

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