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BNP's negative politics is submerged in the abyss of Padma: Obaidul Quader

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  • 29 June, 2022 09:48:08

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Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader has said that BNP's negative politics is now submerged in the deep abyss of Padma due to Sheikh Hasina's development politics.

He made the remarks in a statement to the media on Monday (June 26th).

In response to the BNP secretary general's statement, Obaidul Quader said, "Such imaginary and vain statements have exposed the frustration and political poverty of the BNP."

He said the people are with the Sheikh Hasina government, there is confidence and self-confidence. So the government has no worries. BNP leaders are now suffering from election panic and they are worried about strong public outrage.

‘The BNP opposed the Padma Bridge. But under the courageous leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the Padma Bridge has been built. The BNP's conspiracies and step by step obstacles could not hinder the development of Sheikh Hasina's government. Since then, the BNP leaders have been suffering from deeper and deeper frustration day by day. '

The bridge minister said the role of strong and responsible opposition party is very important in the development of democracy. But the irresponsibility and double standards of the BNP have become an endless obstacle to the development of democracy.

Mentioning that the politics of BNP is revolving in the quicksand of mistakes, the minister further said that still BNP is practicing confident and reckless politics.

Commenting that the BNP believes in anti-country and anti-development propaganda and rumors, Quader said, in fact, the BNP is a conspiratorial anti-people evil force.

Claiming that the BNP never stands by the people in danger, he said, "While the government and Awami League leaders and workers are working by the side of the Banavasi people, the BNP leaders are busy in public photo sessions."

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