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It is not possible to open the nuts and bolts of Padma bridge only by hand: CID

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  • 28 June, 2022 10:31:04

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News Desk: Rezaul Masood, Special Superintendent of Police, CID's Cyber ​​Intelligence and Risk Management Division, said it was not possible to open the Padma Bridge's nut-bolt by hand. We have learned in consultation with the bridge authorities that the nuts and bolts of such a large installation cannot be opened by hand. This means that the nut-bolt was not opened by hand, the tool was used to open the nut-bolt.

He was speaking at a press conference at the CID office in Malibagh on Monday (June 26th).

He also said that a case has been filed against the arrested Bayezids under the Special Powers Act at Padma Bridge South Police Station.

Earlier on Sunday (June 26) afternoon, the CID arrested the youth Bayazid Talha. Rezaul Masud, Special Superintendent of Police, CID's Cyber ​​Intelligence and Risk Management Division, said Bayazid Talha, a 30-year-old man who went viral by making a tick video by untying the nuts on the railing of the Padma Bridge, was arrested from Shantinagar in the afternoon. His home is in Patuakhali.

He added that he was being questioned at the CID office. He will be asked why he opened the Padma Bridge. A case is being prepared against him. Details will be announced at a press conference on Monday.

The 34-second viral tick video shows Bayazid Talha standing next to the railing of the bridge, untying two bolt nuts. The video holder is heard to say, "This loose body, loose nut, I'm making a video, body."

Holding the nut in his hand, Bayazid said, "This is the Padma Bridge, our ... Padma Bridge. Look at our Padma Bridge worth thousands of crores of rupees. This nut is in my hands. '

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