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This time Microsoft gave bad news to the users

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  • 28 June, 2022 10:25:06

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News Desk: Software maker Microsoft has given bad news for the users. Computers may not work from the beginning of next year. This has been announced by Microsoft.

The company said that from that time onwards, Microsoft Windows 8.1 OS will not be supported. As a result, the computer of those who have OS in their system will no longer work.

The software company has issued a press release in this regard. The statement said that 8.1 OS will not work from January 10, 2023. As a result, those who have this OS in their system, the system will be completely useless. So you need to update the system as soon as possible to make OS 11. Or use a system that will work Windows 11.

Software updates, technical support and security updates will not be provided for Windows 8.1, the press release said.

An FAQ has been published in this regard. It said that if a system has OS 8.1, it may launch malware or other virus attacks after January.

Windows 11 cannot be updated on systems that have OS 8.1. As a result, the system is completely obsolete. Need to buy a new computer.

Meanwhile, after January 10, the Microsoft 365 application will stop working. Users can no longer use the Office 365 application if it is installed on their computer (Windows 8.1).

Windows 11 was launched at the end of last year (2021). At the time, the company said it would send updates to all systems within the next three years.

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