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The evils of drinking too much tea

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  • 27 June, 2022 09:27:36

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News Desk: A cup of tea on a rainy or winter day easily refreshes the mind. At the same time the mood is lively. In the office, chatting with friends, with family, reading books, a cup of tea at leisure brings new life. But drinking extra tea can be counterproductive.

The habit of drinking tea is not bad. There are many benefits to drinking tea in a moderate and healthy way. However, eating more than any beneficial food can be harmful. This also applies to tea.

Let's not know the evils of drinking extra tea-

Appetite is lost

Loss of interest in food is also a big problem. When you continue to drink extra tea day after day, your taste or interest in normal food will go away. In simple language it is called loss of appetite. Other foods are not eaten when the appetite is lost. As a result your body is deprived of essential nutrients. So refrain from drinking extra tea. Stomach may be upset

Each of us has a certain amount of food that our body needs every day. Eating more than that can cause problems. For example, if you drink too much tea, it will affect the whole body. As a result, it is very common to have stomach upset. So if you want to stay away from stomach upset, you have to limit the amount of tea you eat.

Digestive problems

Digestive problems first appear when you eat too much of any food. There may also be abdominal pain, discomfort, vomiting, etc. So refrain from drinking extra tea. Drinking extra tea can cause digestive problems as well as chest pain. Digestive problems and insomnia will make your mood a little irritable.

Responsible for insomnia

Before you complain about not being able to sleep, make sure that your small daily habits are not responsible for it. Excessive tea consumption does not lead to proper sleep. So eat less tea during the day. Refrain from drinking tea in the evening. It will not be able to approach the problem of insomnia.

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