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The Chinese Ambassador to Dhaka praised the Prime Minister over the Padma Bridge

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  • 27 June, 2022 09:26:21

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News Desk: Chinese Ambassador to Dhaka Li Jimming has praised the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina for her courage to complete the Padma Bridge project with domestic funding. According to the ambassador, it would not have been possible for any ordinary leader to do so. He made the remarks while talking to some journalists at the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka on Sunday night (June 19).

The ambassador said some foreign development partners could not believe that the Bangladesh government could implement such a large-scale project with its own funds. He (Prime Minister) has shown immense courage in moving ahead with the Padma Bridge project with domestic funding despite the closure of foreign funds. I really doubt if it would have been possible for others to make such a difficult decision.

"Three words come to mind when I think of bridges," said Lee Jimming. That is courage, determination and prosperity. From a dream led by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the bridge has become a reality today and from now on no one can doubt that Bangladesh cannot. And China's confidence in Bangladesh has increased around the Padma Bridge.

The Ambassador said that the Padma Bridge will not only connect the two parts of the land, but it will also connect the hearts of our people and lead them to a common prosperity and future. I believe that once the bridge is opened for travel, it will benefit the people of Bangladesh. It will contribute to the communication of South Asia and it will serve as the eternal bond of brotherhood between China and Bangladesh.

Ambassador Li was proud of the involvement of Chinese companies in the construction of the Padma Bridge. He said it was probably the largest bridge ever built by Chinese companies outside of China. So I think it's a bold move for China to take on this challenge as well.

Journalists want to know what message Bangladesh is sending to the world by building bridges without foreign funding. In response, Lee Jimming said it teaches that Bangladesh should be trusted.

The Padma Bridge is said to be being built in line with the Chinese-led Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Asked about this, Rashtradit said, "It is sad but true that many people are misinterpreting BRI."

The Padma Bridge is just a few days away from the inauguration of the much-anticipated largest infrastructure project in the history of Bangladesh. The eyes of the people of the whole country are now on this bridge like the south-west waiting for the launch of the bridge. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the Padma Bridge on June 25.

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