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The 'inhuman' team went to Sunamganj with relief

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  • 22 June, 2022 23:29:52

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Entertainment desk: Terrible wildlife is going on in Sylhet-Sunamganj. The public life of the people there has become miserable. Various help is needed. People from different organizations and different levels are responding to that call for help. In this series, the team of the recently released movie 'Amanush' has come forward to help the flood victims. Sharmin Majumder, a newcomer to the film Amanush, told Sangbad Prakash that they are trying to alleviate the suffering of the flood victims. "The atmosphere here is worse than what we see on television in the city," he said. Those who have come forward and seen it understand the hardships of the people of this region. Reaching relief in remote areas is quite challenging. Still, we (the inhuman movie team) keep trying. " On Monday (June 20) at noon, the hero of the movie Nirab Hossain shared a video on Facebook. As seen in that video, packaged food is being lifted from the truck to the trawler. Nirab writes in the caption of the video, "It's up to you how to donate, but if you do something that encourages people, you need to promote it." The 'inhuman' team will go to Sunamganj today with the help of 500 families. Earlier, the director of the movie Ananya Mamun had announced that the income of the first week of this movie will go to the house of Banavasi. They kept that word. Incidentally, Amanush was released in 41 theaters across the country on Friday (June 18). Through which Rafiat Rashid Mithila and Sharmin Majumdar have made their debut in commercial cinema. There are also Misha Saudagar, Kazi Nawshaba, Rashed Mamun Apu and many others in the movie.

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