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30 year long rail strike in UK

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  • 22 June, 2022 09:34:45

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Thousands strike in England, Scotland and Wales The strike was called off due to various issues such as non-payment of wages, layoffs, rising inflation and rising cost of living.

According to the BBC, the strike began on Tuesday morning. More than 40,000 union members of Network Rail and 13 train firms have stopped work since midnight. As a result, only 20 percent of train services are running. In many areas no train is running at all. Passengers have suffered in this.

The workers also planned to go on strike on Thursday and Saturday. As a result, many train trips have been canceled. People are being forced to arrange alternative transport. As an alternative, people lean towards the bus, causing confusion. Train traffic has been severely disrupted in eastern England. Absolutely minimal services are on. As a result, people are not able to move there without urgent need.

Thomslink, Great Northern, Chiltern, East Midlands, London, North Western train services have very few services. With rail stations swarming across the UK, the sparsely populated scene looks like "one of the darkest days in Covid," said the chief executive of Network Rail.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to do more for the people who have gone through difficult economic times in decades. Regarding the strike, he said that the only commercial train from Kovid would be further damaged due to the strike.

Concerned unions say the strike is just beginning. At the rate at which commodity prices are skyrocketing, everyone from teachers to physicians to scavengers will take to the streets with their demands.

Inflation in the UK has risen by 10 per cent this month. Mike Lynch, a rail, shipping and transport labor leader, said: "Workers need to be paid more. Many are leaving their jobs. We have to guarantee their jobs. ”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told his cabinet that the strike was "wrong and unnecessary." Railway management system is being developed in the public interest and at this time he has given a message to the people not to do anything that will cause disruption. According to opinion polls, the British are divided over the strike. Nearly half of the country's people have opposed the ongoing strike. And more than a third of the people support the strike.

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