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Sleepy Internet Explorer

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  • 20 June, 2022 23:27:55

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Microsoft's Internet browser Internet Explorer has announced that it will end its long journey. This browsing involves a lot of love, pain and many memories. One such is Jung Ki-young, a South Korean software engineer. He has a quarter-century relationship of love and pain with this technology. Jung has done a strange thing by saying goodbye to his favorite browsing medium. Made a tomb in memory of Internet Explorer, made a memorial plaque next to it. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. According to CNN, Jung spent a month mourning the loss of his beloved Browse. Its construction cost about 31 thousand rupees. Internet Explorer written in the middle of the memorabilia, with the logo of 'Browse' on it. Below is a text that Jung mentions: ‘Other browsers were a good tool for downloading’. On June 15, after 26 years, Microsoft announced the closure of Internet Explorer. The company made the decision to focus on the faster browser Microsoft Edge. Jung said the memorial was built to express mixed feelings towards the old software. The browser played a big role in my career. Launched in 1995, Explorer has been the world's leading browser for over a decade. One of the reasons is that it was integrated with Microsoft's Windows operating system. It was pre-installed on billions of computers. But in the late 2000's, Explorer began to lose its dominance over Google Chrome.

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