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Everything that is in the iOS 16 update of iPhone

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  • 13 June, 2022 15:38:29

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News Desk: The latest version of Apple's operating system iOS 16 will be unveiled at the end of September. Apple has come up with several new features for the iPhone. According to the BBC, this time the biggest surprise is for the lock screen of the iPhone in the new update. Users can now change not only the background of the phone's display, but also much more with it. Like the Apple Watch, the iPhone also has a wide range of activity widgets, including lock screen clocks, weather updates, user walks, and exercise. You can choose your choice from the lock screen with various features. Other notable features include the option to edit and unsent previously sent messages in Apple's Messages app. There will also be a feature called Apple Safety Check to prevent users from viewing any pictures or files on their phones without permission. This way, no one from outside will be able to access the iPhone password and phone search option without permission. Apple also said that if the phone is lost or stolen, the new feature 'Emergency Reset' will allow users to sign out of iCloud on all its devices. As a result, all his Apple devices will be locked. They can do nothing but send and read messages. Apple has already made these new features widely acclaimed online.

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