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The dollar has risen again

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  • 12 June, 2022 22:42:11

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News Desk: The price of dollar has risen again against the money in the country. And the domestic currency has weakened. The dollar rose 50 paise in four days. On Sunday (June 12), the US dollar was set at 92 against the rupee. This information is known from Bangladesh Bank sources. Due to high demand in the free market system, the price of dollar has been rising for several months. Last Tuesday (June 6), Bangladesh Bank sold the dollar at a maximum of 92 rupees. Exactly one day later, on Wednesday (June 6), the dollar suddenly fell by 50 rupees to 91 rupees 50 paise per dollar. With this, the value of money has decreased by 5 rupees 5 paise against the dollar in one month. Money has lost at least 10 times against the dollar this year. According to the market analysis, from July 2020 to August last year, the dollar was stable at 74 rupees 70 paise in the interbank currency market. But since then the dollar crisis has begun to pay off large import costs, which have continued to this day.

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