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  • 09 June, 2022 09:18:35

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News Desk: People of all ages are now using smartphones. This device is a constant companion not only to communicate over long distances, but also to rely on smartphones for many other purposes. However, if the phone is stolen or lost, many people are in a 'lost' state.

Do a few quick things without getting frustrated. This will greatly increase the chances of finding your phone. However, if you do not get the lost phone, there will be no possibility of leaking personal information. Let's find out now.

>> If your phone is lost or stolen, first call your telecom operator and request to temporarily block your number outgoing service.

>> Then you have to make a GD at your nearest police station to find the stolen or lost phone. Because criminals can commit any serious crime with the SIM in the smartphone.

>> You can get the phone back through ‘Find My Mobile Service’ on your Android phone. With this you can search the location of the phone with the help of Google.

>> If you are sure that your phone has been stolen or lost, then remove the data of that phone with the help of 'Find My Device' tool.

>> If the phone is lost, quickly block its IMEI number.

>> Log out of Google, e-mail or social media account of lost phone from any other smartphone or desktop.

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