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5 planets can be seen together without binoculars

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  • 06 June, 2022 10:08:37

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News Desk: The people of the world are going to witness a rare cosmic event in June. The five planets of the solar system are going to be visible together in the morning sky.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will rise on the eastern horizon just before sunrise. They can be seen with the naked eye without the help of binoculars or telescopes.

In the language of astronomy, the phenomenon of two to three planets appearing together is called conjunction. However, the fact that five planets are visible at once is really rare. The last time these five planets were aligned was in December 2004.

However, the planets will remain in the same position throughout the month of July. However, it may be difficult to see them during the day. Initially, the idea is that these planets can be seen on June 3 and 4. After that, their position will be most clear on June 24.

Five planets will be visible around dawn for about an hour. Mercury being the brightest in the sky will make it easier to detect. Also Venus and Mars will be next to it along the crescent-like curve. Jupiter and Saturn will be located at some distance.

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