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This time you can take pictures like DSLR on your smartphone

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  • 01 June, 2022 12:01:16

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News Desk: Almost everyone has a hobby of taking pictures. When he goes somewhere, he not only takes pictures of himself, but also of the nature around him. However, you can't take good pictures because you don't have a hand camera. Occasionally misses DSLR.

However, it is not possible for many to buy DSLR. In this case, if you adopt some strategies, you will be able to take bright pictures like DSLR on your smartphone. At present, sophisticated cameras are being offered in many smartphones. With that comes the Advanced Settings option.

Here are some things to keep in mind when taking pictures on a smartphone. Then you too can take pictures like professional photographers. Here's what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

> In case of taking pictures, you have to understand the light. Do not always keep the flash on. Then the picture is likely to burn. The color tone of the image may be lost. Even taking pictures at night requires caution.

> The size of the image must be understood. Negative space in the photo should be used well. Suppose a negative space is being created while taking pictures, you have to take care of how to use that space well.

> You have to take pictures using different angles. Try to take pictures from different angles along with taking pictures from different angles. Innovation will come in the picture.

> Do not use night mode without extra darkness. Because when night mode is turned on, the camera automatically creates several settings. As a result, there is a possibility of blurring the picture with a slight shake of the hand.

> When taking candid pictures, take a bandam picture of the object. Because then maybe a picture will come from an angle or a picture of an object that will look really different.

> If you can make a reflection in any way, then the importance of the picture will increase a lot. That is, try to highlight any reflection in the picture.

> Smartphones usually stay in the hand, pocket or bag for a long time. So oil dirt can accumulate on the lens. Clean the lens to stop image overlapping. When cleaning the lens, be careful not to get stains.

> When taking pictures or videos, you must hold the mobile phone horizontally or horizontally. If you take a picture in any direction, the picture will never be good.

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