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Chhatra League committee suspended for sharing Azhari's post

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  • 28 May, 2022 15:48:01

Photo: CNI

Habib Miaji, Feni: It has been postponed for 14 hours after the announcement of the committee of Fulgazi Upazila Chhatra League of Feni. Friday (May 26) District BCL President Tofail Ahmed Tapu and General Secretary. This information was given in the press release signed by Nur Karim Jabed. After the conference on Thursday (May 26) night, Rakibul Hasan Piyash was made the president and Faruk Hossain Bappi the general secretary of the Fulgazi Upazila Chhatra League committee.

Shortly after the committee's announcement, criticism began with a screenshot of newly elected president Piyash's Islamist speaker Mizanur Rahman Azhari's Waz shared earlier on Facebook. Rakibul's status on Facebook about Islamic speaker Mizanur Rahman Azhari on December 4, 2019 went viral. In those posts, the deposed members of the organization tried to prove Jamaat's involvement with Piyas. In view of this, the district Chhatra League suspended his post. Rakibul Hasan Piyash wrote with a picture of Azhari on viral status, ‘Shame on the people of Feni. What are you so afraid of. There is no problem that closes your mahfil. You have taken place in the hearts of millions of people.

May Allah guide those who are working against you. ' Accused Chhatra League leader Rakibul Hasan Piyash said, my uncle was a people's representative and a heroic freedom fighter. Our whole family is directly involved in Awami politics. As soon as I was given the post of chairman of the committee announced on Thursday (May 26), a circle was trying to humiliate me by spreading false, fabricated and baseless information through social media. I did not give any such status. The opposition is conspiring against me. Candidates are conspiring against me. They are trying to destroy my political career by creating a fake ID in my name and sharing various posts of Jamaat leaders. Feni district BCL general secretary. Nur Karim Jabed said the names of the president and general secretary of the Upazila Chhatra League committee were announced at the conference after the screening. Piyas, the chairman of the newly-announced committee, was criticized for sharing various pro-Jamaat-Shibir posts on social media.

We adjourned the committee as soon as we came to know about the matter. A three-member committee has been formed in this regard. Md. Is in the committee. Hasan, Md. Shaheen and Tuhin Sarwar. The inquiry committee has been directed to submit the investigation report with recommendations to the temporary office of Feni District Chhatra League within the next seven working days.

Feni District Chhatra League president Tofail Ahmed Tapu said, "We have formed a committee to investigate the allegations against him." If he has any status or relationship with Jamaat-backed Mizanur Rahman Azhari then action will be taken against him.

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