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Officers arrested in Dinajpur with 'bribe' money

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  • 25 May, 2022 21:43:43

Photo: CNI

Salah Uddin, Dinajpur: Mostafizur Rahman, Deputy Inspector General of Mill Factory Inspection Office in Dinajpur has been arrested with eighty thousand rupees bribe money. He was handcuffed at his office by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Wednesday afternoon. Ahsan Kabir Palash, deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Commission's office in Dinajpur, said that the company named Ishan Agro and Food in the Ambari area of ​​Dinajpur had applied for the renewal of the license for the year 2022-2023. The factory inspector kept harassing him by demanding Rs 60,000 including office expenses. The license renewal fee fixed by the government is only 605 rupees. But if he did not pay Rs 60,000, he threatened to harass the owner of the company Imtiaz Ahmed and the manager Ashraful. In order to get relief from the case, he asked to meet on May 23 at 9:30 am with the demanded 60 thousand rupees. But when he went to meet the factory inspector at 9:20 in the morning without any money, Rasheduzzaman Russell, a senior executive of the company, was mistreated and expelled from the office without accepting the renewal application. The victim applied to the ACC office in this regard. A six-member team led by ACC's Sajeka Deputy Director arrested Mostafizur Rahman, Deputy Inspector General of the Mill Factory Inspection Office, at around 3.30 pm on Wednesday and seized the money along with evidence. The case against the detained factory inspector was taken to court They will pay.

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