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Unmarried people are more at risk of death from heart disease!

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  • 25 May, 2022 18:54:34

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News Desk: There are many patients with heart disease all over the world. At present, people of all ages are at risk of heart disease. However, a study shows that the number of unmarried people is more in this list of risks. According to a recent study by the Scientific Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, unmarried men or women are at risk for heart disease. Their risk of death from this disease is much higher. Explaining the reason behind this, the researchers say that unmarried people are mostly out of social connection. Their communication with others is limited. Because of this they suffer more from heart disease. Moreover, the self-confidence of the unmarried is relatively low. They do not have the confidence to handle any situation. Married people, on the other hand, are much more confident. Therefore, the risk of heart attack in married people is relatively low. This study combines this analysis with the Extended Interdisciplinary Network Heart Failure (E-INH) to assess the impact of marital status behind chronic heart disease. The study included unmarried and married patients, said Dr. Fabian Kerwagen of the Comprehensive Heart Failure Center at the University Hospital W ওয়ারrzburg, Germany. Where the effects of social relations have been observed. Unmarried patients have a higher risk of heart disease and lack of self-confidence. Evidence has also been found that unmarried people are much more indifferent to the diagnosis. "Social support makes people confident," said Fabian Kerwagen. Helps to manage any situation in the long run. Extra care is available if the spouse is by your side. Any kind of service is available. It is possible to gain longevity. "

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