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The budget has been reduced in Bashemurabiprabi, the grievances of the students have increased

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  • 24 May, 2022 09:27:03

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Mejba Rahman, Bashemurbiprabi Correspondent: UGC's budget has been reduced at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology in Gopalganj. Meanwhile, regrets have increased among the students as the trend of budget reduction continues every year.

They claim that if the budget of the university named after Bangabandhu is reduced every year, it will not bring good results for the university.

Expressing anger over this, several students of the university said that many development activities are going on in our university at present. Moreover, many departments of the university do not have adequate lab facilities. I hope UGC will consider increasing our budget in the future considering the overall aspect. Due to low budget we are constantly deprived of adequate book facility in the library with advanced labs. I am drawing the attention of UGC including the university administration in this regard.

According to the data, the budget of UGC in 2020-21 was 54 crore 2 lakh taka, 2021-22 was reduced to 51 crore 60 lakh taka Since then, the size of the budget has been gradually reduced. In the last financial year 2022-23, the budget has been given 50 crore 45 lakh taka. Which ranks fourth in the list of the lowest budget of the University of Science and Technology.

UGC Finance and Accounts Department member responsible for the budget, Professor. Md. Abu Taher said that in the first few years after starting a university journey, they need more budget to ensure various facilities including construction of labs and transportation. Later, the budget was reduced due to lack of funds for construction of labs and purchase of transport. In the past, daily wage-based employees were paid but now due to restrictions, the sector is not being paid and due to these reasons, the budget has been reduced.

When contacted about the vice-chancellor said. AQM Mahbub said the UGC has not yet given us details about the budget. Moreover, this budget will be revised later.

"We have repeatedly told the UGC that the budget we are given is less than what we need and that they should increase the budget," he said.

It is known that UGC chairman (additional responsibility) Professor. The budget was approved at the 182nd full commission meeting chaired by Dil Afroza Begum. UGC secretary presented the working paper of the meeting. Ferdous Zaman.

UGC has approved a budget of Tk 10,515.61 crore for the next 2022-23 fiscal year of 51 public universities of the country and Bangladesh University Grants Commission.

According to meeting sources, the main budget of the public university has a revenue budget of Tk 8,236 million and a development budget of Tk 4,420.44 million in favor of 40 projects. In the current 2021-22 financial year, 10 thousand 444 crore 4 lakh taka has been allocated for 51 public universities.

The amount allocated in the revised budget was Tk 9,058.91 crore. As a result, the allocation for public universities has increased by Tk 936.70 crore in FY 2022-23. Among them, Dhaka University has received the highest revenue budget among the public universities in the budget of 2022-23 fiscal year.

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