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News published against me is completely false and motivated by motives: ASI Biswajit

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  • 22 May, 2022 19:53:21

Photo: CNI

Mehedi Hasan, Patuakhali: ASI Biswajit working at Mirzaganj police station in Patuakhali on Saturday (May 21) said that the news published in a daily newspaper under the headline 'ASI snatches mobile phone from a tea shop in Mirzaganj' is completely false, fabricated and motivated. He made the remarks in response to a report in a daily newspaper on Saturday (May 21) entitled 'ASI snatches mobile phone from tea shop in Mirzaganj, threatens drug case for seeking refund'. He said that he did not snatch anyone's mobile phone but he (Litu Das) was interrogated for regular routine work on the basis of secret information that 'Litu Das' was selling various stolen mobile phones. His mobile phone was officially confiscated as he could not give any good answer and could not show any documents of his mobile. The mobile phone was confiscated leaving two witnesses present at the time of the incident. ASI Biswajit further said that the video captured at the time of the incident is also with me and the police authorities. After the news was published, Litu Das was interrogated along with many senior local journalists, but Litu Das said that he had never told the journalist that his mobile phone had been forcibly taken and that he did not know what he was writing in the newspaper. ASI Biswajit said, "We always do this. If something is confiscated, we capture the video and submit it to ourselves and the police so that no one can lodge a complaint." But the journalist published the false and fabricated news with the intention of humiliating me without knowing the truth of the incident, which is very sad. Asked if there is any previous enmity with the journalist: He made this baseless news out of anger as he may not have been able to keep it. Despite repeated attempts with tea shopkeeper Litu Das, his mobile phone (017-26038 / 01747-495146) was switched off and it was not possible to contact him. Asked about the news published on the mobile phone with the Upazila representative of the published news, he said, "I have done the news with enough information and proof. If you want to know more, I will come and talk directly." Md. Munshi Vendor (53), who was present at the time of the incident and witnessed the seizure of the mobile phone, was asked about the matter by mobile phone. Talk. Mr. ASI politely took the mobile and many more people were present at that time. Another witness who was present at the time of the incident and during the seizure of the mobile, Md. Jasim Uddin, when asked about the incident on his mobile phone, said: No, there was no incident of snatching or forcibly taking the mobile. After the journalist Saddam was shouting against Sir, many journalists in Mirzaganj were looking for news and talking to Litu Das. There was no truth in the news. He further added that while he was present at the time, the locals had also requested Sir (ASI Biswajit) to return the mobile and according to that Sir had also said that he would return the mobile in the morning but in the meanwhile Saddam was doing news just to seduce Sir. Asked about the published news, a senior journalist of Upazila Press Club Mirzaganj said on condition of anonymity that ASI Biswajit had forcibly confiscated the mobile phone from the shopkeeper on the basis of a complaint and no truth was found. Mirzaganj Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Md Anwar Hossain said the matter was being investigated by the Superintendent of Police and he would take necessary steps after investigation.

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