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Monkeypox attacks in different countries

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  • 20 May, 2022 23:10:38

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News Desk: MonkeyPix has attacked several European countries as well as the United States. This rare disease in Africa is now spreading worldwide. Monkeypox has invaded the country. Monkeypox has been identified in many bodies in Italy, Sweden, France, Australia, the United States and Canada on Thursday and Friday. The BBC reports that on 8 May, the first monkeypox patient was identified in the UK. He recently traveled to Nigeria. It was later reported to have spread further through the UK's Health Security Agency. The first case of monkeypox was reported in the United States, Spain and Portugal on May 18. The latest cases of monkeypox have been reported in France, Italy, Sweden and Australia. The disease is known in remote areas of Central and West Africa. The presence of monkeypox was rare in other parts of the world. Which is spreading in the country this time. So far, the victims are thought to have traveled to Africa. Some people are being attacked even when they come in contact with travelers. There is no specific vaccine for monkeypox. However, smallpox Jab 75 is able to provide protection. Because the two viruses are quite similar. The UK has already bought stock of that vaccine. Spanish health authorities have reportedly bought thousands of smallpox jabs to combat the outbreak.

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