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Daulatdia ferry wharf sank, hundreds of vehicles stranded

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  • 20 May, 2022 12:06:34

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News Desk: Ferry wharf No. 5 of Daulatdia in Goaland upazila of Rajbari has been submerged due to rising water of Padma and Jamuna rivers. One-third of the platoon including the connecting road of Ferry Ghat No. 5 is under water. As a result, the ghat authorities have stopped the vehicles from crossing the ghat to avoid accidents. Due to this, severe traffic jam has been created at Daulatdia. As a result, many Dhaka-bound passengers are returning home. On Friday (May 20) morning, one-third of the pontoon, including the connecting road to Ferryghat No. 5 in Daulatdia province, was under water due to rising water levels. The ghat authorities have closed the ghat. More than 700 vehicles are waiting to cross the Dhaka-Khulna highway from Zero Point at the ferry terminal. There are hundreds of passenger buses in the area. The buses that came to the ferry at midnight have not been able to get on the ferry yet. After waiting for a long time, the passengers have to endure extreme suffering. Trucks and covered vans stuck in traffic have been suffering for two days. It is learned that there are 6 ferries at Daulatdia end of Rajbari. Ferries 3, 6 and 7 are in operation at present. The rest of the ghats are closed for various reasons. Ferry Wharf No. 5 is also closed due to rising water recently. With only three ghats in operation, there is a ghat crisis at Daulatdia. Prafulla Chauhan, managing manager of BIWTC's Daulatdia ferry terminal, said that there are 196 ferries plying on this route for passenger and vehicle crossings. Our ferry service is being disrupted due to the ghat crisis.

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