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Seminar titled 'Sheikh Hasina's Homecoming: Reconstruction of History'

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  • 15 May, 2022 22:15:48

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JOB Correspondent: A seminar titled "Sheikh Hasina's Homecoming: Reconstruction of History" has been organized by Bangladesh Progressive Columnist Forum. The seminar was held on Sunday (May 15, 2022) at 10:30 am in the VIP Lounge on the second floor of Tafazzal Hossain Manik Mia Hall of the National Press Club. Home Minister Bir Muktijoddha Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, MP was present as the chief guest in the seminar. Bangladesh Progressive Columnist Forum President Prof. Dr. seminar. Former Chairman of UGC Prof Abdul Mannan presented the keynote address at the beginning of the seminar chaired by Mizanur Rahman. General Secretary of Bangladesh Progressive Columnist Forum Prof. Dr. gave a welcome speech in the seminar. Milton believes. Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, a heroic freedom fighter, said that the time of '75 will always be like a cut in our history. At that time Bangabandhu was killed in his own family. Baby Russell was not spared either. The aim was to rebuild Bangladesh as East Pakistan. That was the purpose of so many misguided army officers. The army officers who lost the war in 1971 have formed this alliance. "When we went abroad, everyone said the same thing, 'Are you that nation?' Who killed Bangabandhu? Hearing all this, he would shake his head in shame. His worthy daughter Jannetri Sheikh Hasina has saved him from that situation. Reminiscing, he said that the day he returned to the country, millions of people descended. It was raining hard that day, it seemed as if nature might have come to welcome Bangabandhu's daughter. He was supposed to go to Dhanmondi 32, but he could not go there due to heavy rains. He stood at the gate and offered prayers. On the same day, he decided how he would change the situation in the country. He has toured all over Bangladesh as the President of Awami League. Wherever he went, everyone hugged him and said, this is Sheikh's daughter, now no one can stop us. After that, the person who tried Bangabandhu's assassination was none other than the people's leader Sheikh Hasina. I think the black stain of Bangabandhu's assassination on our foreheads will not be erased even if we wash it with all the water of Bay of Bengal. But now that we have a little peace of mind, we have been able to judge their murder. Now, even if we go abroad, we can say that we can try to assassinate Bangabandhu. In 1996, Sheikh Hasina said that if I came to power, I would change this Bangladesh and she did. He was removed from power in 2001 through a conspiracy. He carried out the unfinished work that Bangabandhu had left behind. From a bottomless basket to a full-fledged basket today, we have become a potential Bangladesh. His visionary leadership is his achievement. The chief guest further said, "Everywhere you go in Bangladesh today, we don't understand anything except Bangabandhu's daughter." He is the one who gave us the courage to move forward. When the Awami League came to power in 2008, the per capita income of the people of Bangladesh was 560 US dollars, which is now above 2600 US dollars. It's not magic, he doesn't even have Aladdin's lamp. This is a complete achievement of his leadership. The Home Minister further said, "When I visited India in 2016, Narendra Modi told us, how did your Prime Minister bring about this change?" In any case, you are surpassing us. In reply, we also say that our Prime Minister loves the country and the people of the country. At a time when Myanmar was forcibly deporting Rohingyas from the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was constantly on the lookout for asylum in Bangladesh. That day I saw him and his sister run into the Rohingya camp. Seeing that scene, people all over the world said "Mother of Humanity". Today, he has received thirty-five honors worldwide. Sheikh Hasina has enshrined these basic rights of education and medical accommodation for all. Speaking as a special guest at the seminar, Engineer Md. Monowar Hossain Chowdhury, a member of Gaibandha-4 constituency, said that Bakshal was formed in 1972 with multi-party system. Although it is called one-party Bakshal, it is mainly composed of multi-party participation. Speaking as the special guest, North South University Vice Chancellor Professor Atiqul Islam said that the return of Sheikh Hasina was urgent. Upon his return, he fought against the Samaritan government, against the dictatorship, to restore democracy, and to establish human rights. He has made it possible for him to do things like water sharing with India, Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord, sea border with Myanmar. In a special guest speech, the Vice-President of the Bangladesh Progressive Columnist Forum and former Vice-Chancellor of the Islamic University, Prof. Rashid Askari said that when Bangabandhu brought up the issue of nation building based on language and established Bangladesh. This is the construction of Bangladesh. After the assassination of the Father of the Nation, Yojana Yojana took the state away from consciousness even in the war of liberation by inciting extremist religious and communal forces and giving them the right to politics. From there, the people's leader Sheikh Hasina rebuilt Bangladesh. The present Home Minister has assisted the Prime Minister in this task. He further said that Bangladesh is still singing the praises of free will, still singing the praises of non-communal tenacity. There, the people's leader Sheikh Hasina has reconstructed history. He saved us from becoming a fundamentalist state. President of the Bangladesh Progressive Columnist Forum, Professor. Mizanur Rahman said that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman came to the country on January 10, 1972 in an independent Bangladesh. But when Sheikh Hasina came to Bangladesh on 16th May, she did not come to independent Bangladesh. I think it was not an independent Bangladesh after the assassination of Bangabandhu's own family in 1975. It was East Pakistan. At that time, the fundamentalists used to say on the racecourse ground - Toab Bhai, Toab Bhai, Chand Tara want flags. From that situation Sheikh Hasina has rebuilt Bangladesh. Rabindra University Vice-Chancellor Prof. also spoke at the seminar. Md. Shah Azam, Jagannath University Treasurer Professor. Kamaluddin Ahmed, general secretary of the Independence Teachers Council. Shahjahan Alam Saju. Also present were teachers, politicians, journalists and people from different walks of life.

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