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Store-godown-house oil stored, 26 thousand liters recovered

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  • 13 May, 2022 16:10:10

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News Desk: Traders have created an artificial crisis with edible oil in the country. Stockpiling oil in the hope of making extra profit. In this situation, the National Consumer Rights Protection Department has taken to the field. Oil is being seized and fines are being levied. The campaign is going on all over the country on Thursday.

During this time huge quantities of oil were recovered from shops, godowns, shop owners' homes. About 26,000 liters of oil was recovered in five districts. Shibchar: The Consumer Rights Protection Department has seized 2,000 liters of soybean oil in a raid at Shibchar in Madaripur. The oil was later sold to buyers at a fair price. The operation took place at Shibchar Municipal Market on Thursday afternoon. At that time, 2,200 liters of soybean oil stored from the godown of a shop called 'Shakil Store' was seized.

Jannatul Ferdous, assistant director of the Madaripur Consumer Rights Protection Department, said he found Citigroup soybean oil stored in the godown during the operation. According to the distributor, these are the oils of May 8. But we have learned from Dhaka that this oil city group of Rs. Later I closed the shop for three days for storing oil. Sunamganj: The Consumer Rights Protection Department has seized 8,000 liters of soybean oil in a raid in the district. At the same time, six companies were fined Tk 130,000 for storing oil. The operation was carried out at Ambari Bazar in Doarbazar upazila. During the campaign, two thousand liters from 'Alamgir Store', one and a half thousand liters from 'Fakhrul Store', 500 liters from 'Sagar Nadi Store', one and a half thousand liters from 'Ankul Store', two thousand liters from 'Durga Bhandar' and 'Piyush'. 500 liters of oil was seized from traders. Later this oil is sold at a fair price. Sunamganj District Assistant Director of the Department of Consumer Rights.

Shafiqul Islam said soybean oil was being sold at a higher price by creating an artificial crisis in the market. We seized the oil and sold it at a fixed price. Gaibandha: Five companies were fined Tk 110,000 for illegally stockpiling about 600 liters of soybean oil in the district. The operation was carried out by the Consumer Rights Protection Department in collaboration with RAB in the old market of Gaibandha town. At that time, about 800 liters of soybean oil at a retail price of Tk 18 was available in stock at those establishments. Messrs. Samar Saha was fined Rs. 50,000, Messrs. Shuvo Store Rs. 30,000, Messrs. Durga Bhandar Rs. 10,000, Messrs. Deep Bhandar Rs. 10,000 and Messrs. Maya Store Rs. Abdus Salam, assistant director of the Gaibandha Consumer Rights Protection Department, said the bottled soybean oils were in stock without being displayed. Naogaon: The department raided three godowns and seized 753 liters of bottled soybean oil of different brands. The owners of the three godowns were fined a total of Tk 75,000. The operation was carried out in Gostahati and Atta Patti areas of the city. Shamim Hossain, assistant director of Naogaon district office for consumer rights, said 30 liters of soybean oil was seized from the godown of Azad Store, 252 liters from Ranjit Pal's godown and 481 liters from Kiran Traders' godown. He further said that the shop owners had tried to sell the oil at the current market price. We raided and seized all the oil from those three godowns.

Abul Kalam Azad, owner of Azad Store, was fined Tk 10,000, Ranjit Pal, owner of Ranjit Pal Store, was fined Tk 25,000 and Saikat Pal, owner of Kiran Traders, was fined Tk 30,000 for stockpiling oil. The seized oil is also sold at bottle price among the consumers present. Sherpur: Like the rest of the country, the Department of Consumer Protection has launched a campaign in Sherpur. During this time, 15,000 liters of illegally stored oil was seized from various shops and godowns of the district. Five thousand liters from two godowns and houses of a retailer named Sathi Store in Gazirkhamar Bazar of Sherpur Sadar, about four thousand liters from Satata Store and Nazmul & Brothers in Tinani Bazar of Jhenaigati, one thousand liters from Haji Traders in Sreevardi Municipal Area, two thousand in Nalitabar area About five thousand liters of edible oil was seized from the sibling trader. Later these oils were sold in the open market at fair prices.

At the same time, the owners of these shops were fined around two lakh rupees. Rubel Ahmed, an official with the Sherpur Consumer Rights Protection Department, said the stored oil bottles contained prices three months earlier. However, the shopkeepers are selling soybeans at Rs 200-210 per liter by setting a new price by raising the price seal technique.

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