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The government will not move from the constitution, there is no profit in bargaining: Obaidul Quader

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  • 11 May, 2022 14:01:57

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News Desk: Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has said that the national election will be held under the Election Commission as per the constitution. In this case, there is no profit by bargaining.

He was speaking ahead of a meeting of the party's allied leaders with members of the editorial board at the Awami League's central office on Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on Tuesday (May 10th).

Quader said, I will tell BNP, do not bargain. There is no profit, bargaining. The government will not move from the constitution. The government will support the Election Commission in the same way that elections are held in other countries of the world.

He said that what the BNP is saying is for bargaining. Prepare for elections, there is no alternative to change of power without elections. If the people vote for you in the election, get elected or we lose, then we will always be in favor of this neutral election. We will hold free, fair and credible elections with the confidence of the people. Power will change at the will of the people. We will tell the BNP to come to the polls without bargaining here and there.

Mentioning that there is no alternative for the BNP to come to the polls, the Awami League general secretary said, "The BNP leaders know very well that they have to come to the polls to save the existence of the party." They have no choice.

Quader said the government wants EVMs in 300 seats, adding that the Awami League as a party wants EVMs in 300 seats. The Election Commission will take action according to its capacity. If they can't, that's different.

Regarding the upcoming elections, Quader said that the elections will be held under the Election Commission in due course as per the constitution, not the resignation of the government. The government will assist the commission in conducting free, fair and neutral elections. The government will have no authority in the election. The Election Commission will have the authority. All the departments of the government that will deal with the election will then go under the Election Commission. At that time law enforcement will not work under the direction of the government. They will also be under the Election Commission.

Obaidul Quader said, Mr. Fakhrul said, EVM is the next thing, resignation first. Transfer of power to a neutral government. Then select.

Quader threw questions to the BNP and said, why EVM is the next issue? Where is the objection? EVM elections are being held in many countries of the world. Do you want to manipulate the election? EVM measures are being taken to avoid fraud. Besides, there is no other modern method to prevent election fraud. Why would there be objections? Why resign? For what reason, have we done wrong? We want to talk about the people. The people of the country have heard the cries of BNP and their alliance for 13 years. But after muddying the water, they finally came to the dialogue at the invitation of the Prime Minister. He also took part in the election. He is saying the same thing again.

Raising the issue of firing on Awami League leaders in Comilla, Quader said the LDP secretary general was attacked in Comilla. The BNP secretary general has issued a statement in this regard. We would like to say first of all, the law enforcement agencies will take action after proper investigation into this attack. During the tenure of Sheikh Hasina, he did not spare any miscreants. No one will be exempted here either. There is no doubt about it.

Awami League general secretary said that Fakhrul Saheb has blindly criticized the incident. As usual. It is noteworthy that the Secretary General of the LDP shot dead two activists of our Krishak League and Swechchhasebak League with his own hands. They are still in the hospital. Mr. Fakhrul did not say a word in this regard. Completely suppressed. Is it political honesty? Is it democracy? They indulge in such politics of concealment, murder, terror and they have been doing Lalon's work since birth. They did it while in power. Mr. Fakhrul nowadays sees everything like a deer with one eye. Otherwise, he would have seen the shooting of the LDP secretary general. His statement was rejected by the people. To hide the truth and sing Shiva's song. He further added that the issue was being raised at the highest level of government.

Regarding the BNP's political strategy, Quader said, "The BNP secretary general is suffering from political hallucinations because of the people's perception of power." While in power, planning attacks from the highest levels, carrying out terrorism, grenade attacks, fire terrorism are all their practices. The Awami League does not believe in these malpractices and anti-politics.

He said the path of terror was chosen by those who lost confidence in the ballot and turned away from the election. Conspiracy is their tool; People have rejected the politics of BNP.

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