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Allegation of BCS lying against Bashemurabiprabi student

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  • 27 April, 2022 12:13:07

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Mejba Rahman, Bashemurbiprabi: A student of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (Bashemurbiprabi) in Gopalganj has been accused of lying about being recommended in BCS (Police) cadre.

The name of the accused is Biplob Kumar Das. She is a former student of the Public Administration Department (2014-15) of the university.

Recently, when the list of recommended candidates in various cadres was published in the 40th BCS, accused Biplob Kumar Das claimed that he was recommended in the police cadre. Many people sent greetings to him through social media as well as news about him was published in newspapers Then the matter came to everyone's notice Some students of his department have raised questions about his being a cadre.

They alleged that Biplob Kumar Das had given fake news through social media that he had got various exams (bank-ministry job) before. He used to be rude when his classmates asked him questions to verify the truth of these matters. Even if he wants to see his BCS Admid card, he uses it badly. Many of his classmates know the matter.

Chanchal Das, a 1st batch student of the Public Administration Department, who complained about the incident, said, Hey brother, how can he become a cadre if he doesn't survive, he is also a police cadre, he got a chance at Dhaka University and went to Bashemur, got NSI, auditor job but left after joining, his friends will file defamation suit if they want to see his admit card. "

He added, "These matters should be verified first." Many people will spread false news if they do not verify the truth. "

When the accused Biplob Kumar Das was contacted in this regard, he said, "I will give the admit card if it is time." I am giving 6 after two days I am busy at work I'm reading now. " He avoids saying such things And later, despite repeated attempts to contact him on his mobile phone, he did not receive any calls.

Shah Alam Sajal, who has just been recommended by the 40 BCS education cadre, said, "I do not know Biplob Kumar personally. I found out about him through a post. At first I was glad to know, but I am very sad to hear the allegations against him. "

"I did not find his name in our 40 BCS group because of the illegal allegations and I know he does not want to appear in any live program," he said. If this is true then Biplob Biswas should be held accountable for defaming the university and its students. It is very embarrassing for us.

University student adviser said. When contacted on his mobile phone, Sarafat Ali said, "I am not aware of this yet. However, if Biplob Kumar has lied about a vital exam or appointment like BCS, then action must be taken against him by the university administration. "

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